Exe Valley Brewery celebrates 30 years with It's Phil's Ale

08 February 2014

Back in the early 1980’s a resurgence of interest in traditional beers was just gaining a foothold in Devon; and a few new breweries had come into the market-place to help satisfy the demand for traditional, quality beers that had been created by the formation of CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) a few years earlier.


Among thse breweries was Exe Valley Brewery, which was started by ex-publican Richard Barron in a barn on his farm in Silverton.  He commenced brewing in 1984 and started with a 4% abv beer ‘Barron’s Draught’.  For the first seven years Richard did all the work in the brewery himself from brewing the beer to delivering to the pubs.  In 1991 he was joined by ex brewer’s wholesaler Guy Sheppard who brought his experience in marketing and distribution into the business. 


Since its humble beginnings, Exe Valley Brewery has gone from strength to strength, with its beers being well respected in the trade and in Devon and beyond.  Richard retired from the brewery in 2003 and the business is now wholly owned by Guy Sheppard who, along with his two employees, continues to produce excellent beers using quality ingredients and traditional methods.


Any business should be proud to be able to say that it has been around for 30 years and we at Exe Valley Brewery are pleased to have achieved this.   To celebrate this milestone, we are brewing It's Phil's Ale, a 4.8% Golden Beer which we first brewed last year in memory of our good friend and CAMRA BLO Philip Roberts.


It's Phil's Ale is a Golden Ale at 4.8% abv; the recipe is one of Philip's own, he was a very keen and competent home brewer, it is bursting with hops: Cluster, Magnum, Challenger, Citra and Bobek, locally grown Devon malt (from Tuckers Maltings in Newton Abbot) and our own spring water.  It's Phil's Ale has a lovely hop aroma, a good depth of body from the malt, a grapefruity taste and a refreshing zesty aftertaste


The artwork for the new pump clips is based on an original design by Helen Robinson, one of Philip’s daughters, which has been adapted by local designers Toucan Graphic Design, who have drawn on the Roman heritage of our local city of Exeter for their inspiration. 


It's Phil's Ale will be launched at 12 noon on Friday 14th February at The Beer Celler, 2 South St, Exeter.  The first pint will be drunk by Jane Roberts, Philip's widow, and we expect other members of the local CAMRA branch to be there as well.  Members of the public and press are very welcome to come along and celebrate with us then.


For those unable to be there, It's Phil's Ale will be available to pubs & bars after that.


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