02 November 2020



To all our customers, suppliers and all who know us



As you may know, our owner Guy Sheppard has recently moved from Silverton to the wilds of Dartmoor and so has been looking out for a safe pair of hands to help take on the brewery.

So we are delighted to be able to introduce Kevin and Libby to the Exe Valley Brewery team!

Libby and Kevin are a local husband and wife team, with a passion for the drinks industry. Kevin is an  award-winning bartender from the Netherlands with over fifteen years behind the bar.  Libby has a background in marketing and advertising working with brands like Heineken and Johnnie Walker. They moved to the village to join Libby’s parents in 2019 after spending a few years in Amsterdam, and had been looking for a new challenge to take on – turns out the chance to be involved with Exe Valley Brewery was just the ticket and too good to turn down!

As you can imagine, handing over a brewery to new owners is not a simple task and takes time, but while we continue to deal with all the details, we can say that from today, (Monday 2nd November), Libby and Kevin will be taking the lead on the day-to-day management of the brewery.   They’ll be in touch soon to introduce themselves and hopefully can pop in to all your lovely venues for a pint and a chat soon, lockdown permitting!  Our incredibly talented brewer James remains a vital part of the team and is looking forward to showing Kevin the ropes, while Guy will continue to support and oversee the brewing until everything is fully set up.

For now, a note from Libby and Kevin:

“We are so excited to be part of the next chapter for Exe Valley Brewery – it continues to be a tough year for our industry, but we believe that there is still huge potential for the brewery and our beer. We feel very lucky to have the chance to be the custodians of such a well-loved business that has meant so much to the local community and local industry. We can’t wait to continue the tradition of producing great beer, and also relish the opportunity to help grow and develop Exe Valley.”

If you need anything in the next few weeks, or just want to say hello, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

We look forward to speaking to you soon.


Libby, Kevin, James & Guy


[email protected]

01392 860406


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