28 December 2020

We hope that however you spent it, everyone managed to have a good Christmas or survive it at least!
nd while no one quite knows what the next few weeks hold, there is one thing that we know for sure and that is that Exe Valley is open for your beer needs!
We will be open Monday 28th - Thurs 31st for collection and take-away, every day 12pm - 3pm or whenever you see the sign out!
And, we'll be delivering New Year beer on Wednesday 30th, so if you want some beer, get your order into us by 12pm Tuesday to get on the delivery route.
Don't forget, we also ship our beer to mainland UK, so if you're looking to send some New Year love to friends and family, say it with beer!
To order, you can send us a message, email, call or complete our order form on www.evbhomedelivery.co.uk
Cheers to the New Year! (And goodbye to 2020!)