Is Beer an Essential?

02 April 2020

We are open for take-out draught and bottled beers 12noon - 2pm Monday - Saturday and we are delivering the same locally in the afternoons

The government advises us all that we should only go out for specific reasons, one is for exercise and we have seen a few at the brewery who have taken exercise up Brewery Hill and called in whilst they are there. Another reason is for essential supplies or medication, there are certainly some who regard beer as great medication, but perhaps that is not how the government advice is meant to be taken.

But is beer essential? What is essential to one person may not be to another, so judgement calls to others to do as one person does are not usually helpful; we all have out own ideas of what is essential and a few little treats along the way will make this all a lot more bearable for many. You may have heard criticism of convenience stores selling Easter Eggs, frankly what harm is the sale of the odd Easter Egg or two going to do and it will bring a bit of pleasure to the recipient - providing social distancing etc is respected, there is surely nothing wrong with this. And what about garden centres and nurseries? Many people's gardens have never been tidier with this forced isolation and yet it seems that millions of pounds worth of spring plants will go to waste because they are not allowed to retail them; I know that some have been planted up in hospital grounds which is lovely, but surely there is a way to get the rest out to the public somehow and brighten up their gardens.

So back to beer - if you regard beer as being essential you are allowed to go out and buy it, brewery shops are one of the specified retail outlets which are allowed to be open during these restrictions if they are properly licensed which we are. Many of you have forgone your cars during isolation and it is great to see how empty the roads are, but your car may be problematic if you don't drive it a bit (flat batteries, stuck handbrakes etc etc), so the occasional start up and perhaps a short drive to collect some beer may be beneficial all round.