11 May 2021

Despite the distinct lack of improvement in the weather, we're looking on the bright side... the plants are loving this rain and everything is looking so green! 
If you're out in the garden this weekend, (or maybe just giving yourself a water!), we recommend a delicious Dobs with its "just watered green" cap!
We're taking orders for Friday, with free local delivery available. (Orders by 1pm Thurs please.) We'll also be open Friday and Saturday 12pm - 3pm for collections and take away beer.
Beer this week: Devon Glory, Dob's Best and Fryer's Thirst
Sizes & Prices
Carryouts: 2 Pint £5 | 4 Pint £10
Bag in Box: 5L £22.50 | 10L £35
Bottles: 1x £3.20 | 3x £9 | 12x £32
Gifts also available, along with UK shipping. (Never too early to think about Father's Day!)
We hope you all have a lovely week, stay safe and stay dry!
Team EVB